^^ountain ^^an and the Three Bears

Hiking the AT from Caratunk ME. Stopped by Harrison’s Pierce Pond Camps to see if Tim may have a fishing guide available. Also interested in a meal and overnight stay.Tim had told me he may be away and to stop by the Lodge. When I arrived there was no sign of anyone. I had some flyers I was asked to deliver from another business. I went inside, signed the register, left the flyers and took a look around. WOW what a ‘Lodge’! This place is backwoods and clean as a pin. nice! This is the place that does the hiker pancake breakfast and offers other lodging, meals as well as guide services. I just couldn’t resist making myself lunch in this fantastic kitchen while I waited to see if anyone shows up. I really want to catch some fish up here. Well I fix my lunch and sit by the window and admire the waterfall view and listen to the rushing water from the stream below. Reminds me of the Three Bears story. I did clean up after myself and leave a bar of chocolate in appreciation. No I didn’t nap! well    ~ until I found a sandy beach up the trail along a lake ~
Blessings Indeed!
 ^^ountain  ^^an 

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