I’m in VERMONT .. More than FIVE HUNDRED MILES hiked!

I’m in VERMONT .. More than FIVE HUNDRED MILES hiked!

Just came in to Rutland Vermont for overnight and resupply.

Soooooo MUCH to catch up on. Stories galore. Blessings Indeed!!!

Catching up backwards

Don’t let me forget to tell you about
Do you have a drivers license
Coffee and a biscuit
Jo Mary hitch
Katahdin Iron Works food drop
Rangley overnight
Warren van shuttle
Elm Street bananas
Dan & Whitt’s
Many many more …

Friday hike from Governor Clement Shelter to Vermont 103. Hitch to Rutland with three nice hippie carpenter dudes. Interesting!

Mt Killington summit Thursday. Cool steep beautiful view. Big hiking day to Governor Clement Shelter. Met up with four other AT hikers that I had met before. Had a good time getting caught up and building a fire in the shelter fireplace. Rain most of night and early Friday am.

Wednesday sunrise at The Lookout. ( working on way to post pictures ) hike to Kent Pond. Overnight at Mountain Meadows Lodge

Tuesday visit Woodstock Vermont resupply breakfast at The Creamery ( omelette Vermont cheadar cheese, homemade sausage, and Vermont apples. WOW Mile high apple pie with Vermont cheadar cheese for desert. Hike to The Lookout. Meet Hawaii and share some fun time. Spectacular Sunrise from atop The Lookout.

Monday ( Columbus Day ) hike with Break Time and Forest. Young couple from Alaska doing big miles. We stopped at dark beside a river and camped in the woods. AM coffe and toast and baked beans with Jim Woods in West Norwich. It’s a great story!!!

Sunday hike from Hanover NH across Connecticut River into Vermont. Two states completed!

So many great stories to tell. Need to get to a computer. Pictures as well.

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