Bennington Vermont overnight – Manchester Center – headed for Williamstown Mass

In Bennington Vermont overnight headed for Williamston Mass

Yes … 12ish miles to Mass ( can you spell ) I cannot

Great overnight in Bennington Vermont! Met some FUN people at Ramunno’s.   This is where Kelsey’s friend put $40.00 on the bar for my beer.  When I let them know I would only be having one they said this is for your beer down the trail !!!!! thank you !

Kelsey & ^^ountain ^^an at Ramunno’s  .. 

Kelsey was TWO much FUN!  It’s tough being the only thru-hiker in town .. I  sure hope the bubble appreciates me following along behind and caring for all this attention he he he 

Can you spell enamored?

Bennington is town that I discovered I had left my Mermot rain jacket hanging on a tree limb about 1/2 mile back UP UP UP the trail when I stopped to take a dump 200′ from the trail. I paid the hotel desk clerk to drive me back to the trailhead that night and night hiked 1/2 mile back UP UP UP the trail to get my jacket and back DOWN DOWN DOWN to the vehicle waiting for me.  At this point I discovered I had lost my MANE ball cap somewhere UP UP UP or DOWN DOWN DOWN the trail while going for my jacket. Well I could not justify leaving my MANE ball cap without an attempt to find it. We have been through many many many adventures at this point. However I decided this could wait until daylight due to trying to find it in the dark with a headlight.  Sooooo next morning when I returned to the trailhead to continue South I took the time to go UP UP UP and found my MANE ball cap and came back DOWN DOWN DOWN and then UP UP UP the other side on my way to Spruce Peak Cabin.

An incredible visit in Manchester Center Vermont. Homemade fried apple pie THANK YOU Zohie = sweetest hitch / trail angel EVER she had an eight-hour drive ahead of her and she turned around and came back and gave me a ride into town and made sure I got where I wanted to be. Absolutely refused money!  When I got in the car she gave me homemade fried apple pie that her mother made ( for her to eat on  her trip I suppose ) .. well she insisted and I ate the entire pie! OMG is was sooooooooo gooooooood  REAL FRIED APPLE PIE with the perfect black burn marks ! I would marry her mother just for her fried apple pie he he he

1964 time warp. 

Met this sweet girl and her mom in Manchester Center, Vermont
I was in high school in 1964 and she is in prep school in 2015. 

FUN with Switchback Beer Rep Maegan at the Firefly Restaurant on Burger Beer Special Night .. She was having beef tenderloin medallions and fries …

October 19th 2015 Firefly restaurant Manchester Center VT Maegan the Switchback Beer Rep sitting beside me eating at the bar let me finish her beef tenderloin dinner … just offered me her plate and silverware AND then after I ordered and ate she paid for my burger and beer! thx Maegan (Switchback)!!

ok .. wait to you hear about my overnight!  The hot water knob in the shower was broken and I was instructed to use a screwdriver to adjust the water.  this is only the tip of the story ha ha ha ha

drinking glass .. wall socket .. furniture .. stairwell .. dounuts save the day!

Headed to Wal-Mart and back to trail. ( boooorrrrrring ! )  actually never made it to Wal-Mart ha ha ha

LOTS of heart warming stories to tell.

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