Spruce Peak Shelter in Vermont

======================= SPRUCE PEAK =================================
This may very well be the nicest cabin I will visit on the AT – I met a man in Manchester Center that helped build this cabin and currently lives on the adjacent property. His sister thru-hiked the AT and when she got to this point invited 15 hikers to join her for a visit to their home for showers and food!
This where I met Gypsy ( young lady from Manhattan that was recently married and hiking the AT with her Husky )  When she showed up that evening I invited her to consider not bringing the dog, wet dog to boot, into the cabin. She pitched a fit and then pitched a tent. o well she was considerate in that regard .. We hiked together and made big miles into Bennington where she had to stay at a hotel that allowed dogs. Haven’t seen Gypsy or the Husky since. Interesting. Husky could unzip a tent and let himself out.
Bennington is town that I discovered I had left my Mermot rain jacket hanging on a tree limb about 1/2 mile back UP UP UP the trail when I stopped to take a dump 200′ from the trail. I paid the hotel desk clerk to drive me back to the trailhead that night and night hiked 1/2 mile back UP UP UP the trail to get my jacket and back DOWN DOWN DOWN to the vehicle waiting for me.  At this point I discovered I had lost my MANE ball cap somewhere UP UP UP or DOWN DOWN DOWN the trail while going for my jacket. Well I could not justify leaving my MANE ball cap without an attempt to find it. We have been through many many many adventures at this point. However I decided this could wait until daylight due to trying to find it in the dark with a headlight.  Sooooo next morning when I returned to the trailhead to continue South I took the time to go UP UP UP and found my MANE ball cap and came back DOWN DOWN DOWN and then UP UP UP the other side on my way to Spruce Peak Cabin.

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