FUN Afternoon | Evening | Night ~ Helen Georgia ~ King Ludwig Biergarten

 ^^ountain ^^an & Corinne o my!
How far is it to Chicago anyway? he he

Stephanie “splitz” | Chris | Magen | Corinne

hey Corinne, is that a chocolate ice cream cone? 

 ^^ountain ^^an & Corinne o my!


^^ountain ^^an & Stephanie “splitz”

 Good thing we have two experienced EMTs onboard !!

Someone finish Stephanie’s Octoberfest … ha ha ha

Stephanie “splitz”  | Zahai | Andrea | Chris | Magen | Corinne
Tubing Survival Celebration !

Chris & Magen – Engaged to be married September 2017 – We are all invited to the wedding! Right?

 ^^ountain ^^an & Corinne o my!

wait a minute …

Those lOOk like the glasses I found in the trash can at my hotel ?

Andrea & Magen 

Stephanie “splitz” | Zahai | Andrea | Chris | Magen | Corinne

delicious dinner takeout – Old Heidelberg German Restaurant & Pub

Corinne | ^^ountain ^^an | Stephanie “splitz” | Chris | Zahai | Andrea | Magen

our close up selfies Corinne o my! & ^^ountain ^^an   ha ha

 Corinne o my! at Paul’s with her yellow Lillie

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