June 11th – Finish to Springer Mountain 1.0 to 0.0

^^ ^^ FAMILY Getting ready to hike with me from 1.0 to 0.0

STAR CRUNCH – 2015 NOBO – Springer Mt Trail Runner!

John | Olivia | Hadley waiting for ^^ountain ^^an

Kasey | John | ^^ountain ^^an | Olivia | Sam | Kate | Hadley | Anna | Will

Anna | ^^ountain ^^an | Olivia | Sam | Hadley

Kate | Sam | Anna | Will

John | Hadley | Kasey | Olivia

Olivia & ^^ountain ^^an signing the trail register


Kate & Sam

^^ountain ^^an 


^^ountain ^^an + View from Springer Mountain

^^ountain ^^an finish | 2016 NOBO start!

4 replies to “June 11th – Finish to Springer Mountain 1.0 to 0.0

  1. Congrats! We have been following your adventures since we met you in Greenville in the spring when you had to come off the trail due to the weather! We were so excited to see that you finished safely and hope to run into you again one day to hear all about your adventures. -Brandy and Hollis


  2. Felicitation!

    You finish it, good job!!!
    I meet you in 28th December in Harper's Ferry. I'm from France and I plan to do the Appalachian trail next April 2017.
    If one day you plan to come in France to hike along the 'Saint Jacques de Compostelle' trail, I would be please to meet you.
    Best regards,



  3. Hello Philippe!
    I remember meeting at ATC. Thanks for staying in touch. Would love to see you again contact information to me at myATguide@gmail.com I will send you my cell number so you can call me when you are here. Happy Trails !! I may hike the El Camino de Santiago this year.
    ^^ountain ^^an


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