FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


Q. When did you start your Appalachian Trail Maine to Georgia winter thru-hike?

A. August 10th 2015

Q. How did you get to the Baxter Peak to begin your Southbound winter-thru hike?

A. August 8th I flew from Greenville SC to Portland ME. Rented a car at Portland ME airport and spent the night in Portland ME. August 9th I drove to Bangor ME and dropped off the rental car as close to Baxter State Park as possible.  I spent the night at the hotel at the Bangor ME airport. August 10th an outfitter picked me up at Bangor ME airport/hotel and drove me to Baxter State Park and dropped me off at Chimney Pond Trail trailhead. I hiked up Chimney Pond Trail to Saddleback trail to Baxter Peak. ( see pic below )

Atop the Katahdin Sign …
This is where the Appalachian Trail BEGINS for Southbound AT Thru-hikers.

^^ountain ^^an – The First White Blaze August 10th 2015

Q. Where did you start?

A. Baxter Peak Mount Katahdin Maine via Chimney Pond Trail / Saddle Trail

Chimney Pond 

Q. When did you finish?
A. June 11th 2016

Q. Where did you finish?
A. Springer Mountain Georgia

Q. How did you dry your gear and clothing in the 100-mile wilderness?
A. See below:

Q. What about bathroom acomodations?
A. Privy

^^ountain ^^an lOOking a litte rough here ha ha ha

Q. What does it mean to sit in your Lazy Boy?
A. see example from August 18th as I made my way through the 100-mile wilderness.

Q. What was your Favorite Place in the 100-mile Wilderness?
A. Moxie Bald

Two awesome River Guides out for a day hike!

Q. What about some pics from 100-Mile Wildersness?
A. ok

 Thank you for the snacks, Kate & Anna! 

Another White Blaze  

Q. Best Turkey and Dressings
A.Thompson’s Restaurant Bingham Maine

Oven roasted turkey | dressing | cranberry | potatoes with gravy | butternut squash | yeast roll … SPECTACULAR !

Strawberry shortcake on homemade biscuit with fresh whipped cream … o my goodness!

Q. How did you get across the
A. David

Q. Where did you stop for lunch after Caratunk?
A. Harrison’s Pierce Pond Camp

Q. Who Conquered THE WOLF BURGER?
A. ^^ountain ^^an

Sandy takes great joy in serving THE WOLF BURGER to Hungry Hikers

Q. What were you thinking as you stood here with Sugarloaf in the background?
A. I wondered if my boxers will go another couple weeks without washing.

Q. Who was kind and generous BEYOND compare?
A. Michael Saladino – Saladino’s Italian Market – Gorham New Hampshire

Q. Best Italian Deli – People
A. Saladino’s Italian Market – Gorham New Hampshire

yum yum yum Italian Sandwich from Saladino’s 

Q. How many miles did you hike?
A. Two thousand one hundred eighty-nine ( 2,189 )

Q. How much did your pack weigh?
A. 17 pounds dry – without food / water – 27 typical weight

Q. How much water did you carry
A. Two gatorade bottles ( drink at water source and leave with two full bottles )

Q. How did you train?
A. “Let the trail get you in shape”
Q. How did you know how to hike?
A. “Let your body be your guide”
Q. Where did you eat when you hitched out of the 100-mile wilderness?
A. Nor’easter Restaurant 44 North St Dover-Foxcroft Maine 04426

Seafood Chowder in Maine yum yum yum 

hand made burger patty Cheddar Cheese bacon sweet potato fries ( this could be tastiest burger hmmm ) 

Q. How did you get a hitch from the 100-mile wilderness?
A. Mr & Mrs Stan Smith – AMC Day Hikers met them at Jo Mary Rd crossing.  Mr Smith was the person that handed my son John his diploma when he graduated from Clemson. The Smiths gave me a ride out Jo Mary Rd to the blacktop road. I got a hitch with Steve to Nor’easter Restaurant and we had a burger. Steve gave me a ride to the Monson Maine side of town and a gentleman in a BMW Z3 gave me a ride to Shaw’s Hiker Hostel in Monson Maine.

Q.100-mile wilderness ( Brownville Maine )
A. see below:

My Dear Friends Pooh Bear & Stache


Q. Did you see any wild animals?
A. Yes grrrrrrrr ha ha ha

Q. What was one of the first Hostel you stayed in?
A. The Farm House Inn – Rangeley Maine

Hiker Feed

Q. Where was the BEST CHEESEBURGER in Rangeley Maine?
A.  Sarge’s Sports Pub & Grub

Handmade Patty Double Cheese Lettuce Tomato Onion Pickle Handcut Fries $9.50


Q. What did you buy at the Raneley Maine Farmer’s Market?
A. Italian Olive Bread & Tomato + ham & cheese from grocery deli

Q. Who operates The Cabin Hostel in Andover Maine?
A. An Old Bear & His Honey

Q. Andover Maine
A. see below:

Q. What town did you visit with Hopper?
A. Rumford Maine


Q. Where is this?
A. Mahoosic Notch Sep 16th 2015

 Cheese Burglar Mahoosic Notch

 ^^ountain ^^an Mahoosic Notch

Q. What does the Maine | New Hampshire border look like?
A. See below:

Q. How did you enjoy your stay at Yellow Deli in Lancaster New Hampshire?
A. Nice

 View from my room window

Q. Where was your first Work-for-stay?
A. Carter Notch Hut

Q. Wildcat Mountain
A. see below:

Q. What about Pinkam Notch to Mount Washington?
A. see below:

 View from Mount Washington Snack Bar where I mailed postcards without postage!

 This was a hotdog with chili that had beans

Lake of the Clouds Hut 

Q. What about The Emergency Shelter?
A. Nice

Q. On to Mount Pierce
A. see below:

 While I am Texting with Will regarding baby Knox ( Sam William ) being a boy this Gray Jay lands on my foot.

 He stays on my foot for some time and changes positions and then hops to my other foot.


Sunrise at Mizpah Hut

 Work for Stay – Composting at Mizpah Hut

Q. On to Crawford Notch
A. see below:

 Tent Camp in Woods near Railroad Track

^^ountain ^^an lOOking a little tired ha ha – met sweet family 

Q. AMC Center Crawford Notch
A. see below:

 Bunk House 

^^ountain ^^an getting a little sun

Q. On to Zealand Falls
A. below:

 Maybe my last swim day – September 28th White Mountaiuns 

Zealand Falls Hut 

work for stay – slept under table above in dinning room

Q. Where is the Sunny Day Diner?
A. North Woodstock New Hampshire

The Famous 2x2x2 Breakfast

I have NO IDEA where this is ! $.25 to anyone that can identify location??


 Looks like I pitched my tent in this shelter


 400 miles completed !

 Hitch in Warren New Hampshire – Check out Bert & Ernie 

 Relaxing Break Time & Lunch Time – Cube Mountain 

 The Fire Warden’s Cabin all to myself

 Drying out after washing off with cold water after falling in up to my waist in a bog on my way from Cube to Fire Warden’s Cabin. Then it rained during the night and I hiked in the rain all the way to Lyme NH. Only place to stay was $$$$$ The Lyme Inn. 

Q. Lyme NH
A. below:

The Lyme Inn

 Breakfast included at The Lyme Inn – $$$$$ 

 It was a Tasty Breakfast 

Q. Most disappointing town.
A. Hanover New Hampshire – Just did not get in sync with this town!

Q. Where does a hiker get a cup of coffee in this town?
A. Jim Wood’s House


Q. Vermont is Beautiful
A. see below:

Q. Most spectacular Sunrise
A. The Lookout

Q. Killington pub
A. see below:

Q. How about Killington?
A. See below:



Q. The Yellow Deli – Rutland Vermont
A. see below:

Q.When was your first snow?
A. October 18th near Rutland Vermont

Q. Mount Tabor Day Hiker from NYC
A. see below:

Q. My most FAV Switchback Beer Rep
A. see below:

This dear sweet young lady let me finish her dinner with her silverware AND paid for my burger & beer night at The Firefly – Manchester Center VT

Q. What was your FAVORITE AT Cabin?
A. Spruce Peak

Q. Best Pizza Night
A. Ramuntos Pizza – Bennington Vermont – October 22nd 2015

Sorry I have no pizza pics :/)

Q. Best Welcome Greeting
A. Massachusetts

Q. Best Mexican Lunch
A. Tony’s Sombrero Williamstown Massachusetts

Q. North Adams Massachusetts Host – White Blaze on driveway!
A. see below:

Q. Best Lighthouse on top of a mountain
A. Mount Greylock

Notice my Christmas Lights above and below

^^ountain ^^an 

 SUNRISE at Mount Greylock

Massachusetts Sweetheart Hiker 

Q. Where is this?
A. Cheshire, Massachusetts, United States

Q. Where is Jacob’s of Dalton
A. Dalton Massachusetts

Breakfast at Dalton Restaurant

Q. What does the Cookie Lady have in October?
A. Coca-Cola | Eggs | Apples

^^ountain ^^an was allowed to camp in the garage!

Q. Best overnight at community shelter courtesey of Fire Cheif
A. Tyringham Massachusetts

 Make yourself at home the Cheif says

Looking back at Tyringham

Q. What was your favorite town in New England?
A. Great Barrington Massachusetts of course!

 Martin’s Restaurant – WOW ! 

 And she is moving to Charlotte NC !

 Couple from NYC on Halloween Night in Great Barrington

 Miriam is da bomb!

Q. On my way to Connecticut
A. see below

 It’s November and I am in Massachusetts getting some sun … 

 It’s November and I am in Massachusetts getting some sun … 

Here I am in Connecticutt 

Q. What was your favorite section of the AT?

A. The 100-mile wilderness, Southern Maine, New Hampshire – The White Mountains

Q. What was your longest night’s sleep?
A. 15 hours. 6pm – 9am – Dick’s Dome Shelter PA

Q. What was your Favorite Best Bagel
A. Bagel Time – Warwick NY – ET w/ bacon egg cheese

Q. What was your Favorite Cheeseburger?
A. Elm Street Market – Stockbridge Massachusetts

Q. What was your favorite Trail Towns?
A. Damascus, VA | Hot Springs, NC | New York City | Great Barrington, MA, |

Q. What was your favorite hostel?
A. Shaw’s Hiker Hostel – Monson Maine

 I was one TIRED PUPPY when I got to Shaw’s … 

Thank you to Jason Lisa & Lucas !

Hiker Closet ( wear while you wash your clothes )

Q. What was your Favorite Hungry Hiker Breakfast?
A. Shaw’s Hiker Hostel – Poet’s Home fries, Two Eggs any way, Bacon, all you can eat Blueberry Pancakes! Coffee Juice

Poet’s Home fries, Two Eggs any way, Bacon, all you can eat Blueberry Pancakes! Coffee Juice  

Q. Who was the most interesting person you got to know?
A. ^^ountain ^^an

Q. What gear did you take?
A. ULA OHM 2.0 pack | Western Mountaineering +20 sleeping bag, +25 liner (added December 5th) | Big Agnes Fly Creek 2 Platinum tent | two gatorade bottles for water, power aide bottle for pee, two bandana for sweat rag, nose blowing and cleaning cooking pot | bandana for headband and sweat rag | three-blade swiss army knife | iPhone 6 | 4x battery pack |

Q. Best meal -Fettuccine Alfredo | Meatballs Marinaro
A. Angelos Mulberry St NYC

Did not want to order from a menu … “may I have some alfredo and a couple of meatballs with marinara sauce bread & butter and glass of chianti?”
 ” of course ” 

Simple and DELICIOUS !

Q. What did you carry for first aid?
A. Neosporin | Advil | Toothpaste | Toothbrush | electric Bic lighter |

Q. What did you carry for cooking?
A. Titanium cooking pot with lid/pan lid/windshield | Spork | Titanium alcohol burner | Alcohol bottle | Olive Oil bottle | electric Bic lighter

Q. What food did you carry?
A. Ramen Noodles | Snickers | Cheetos | Peanut Butter | Poptarts |

Q. What clothing did you use?
A. The North Face shorts/pants | (2) SmartWool boxers ( could have gotten by with 1 pr ) | (2) Darn Tough 1/4 socks | Vasque approach shoes ME-dec 5th PA | Asolo Fugitive GTX hiking boots PA dec 5th – GA | The North Face lobster mitts | Wool beanie | North Face quick-dry shirt | Base layer pants ( pajama pants ) | Cotton T-shirt ( Pajama shirt | Mermot windbreaker/rain jacket | Arcteryx Down jacket | The North face long sleeve base layer shirt | long sleeve shirt | long sleeve shirt |

Q.What GPS Application did you use?
A. Guthook’s

Q. Who was the most fascinating person you met?
A. Marla

Q. What guidebook(s) did you use?
A. AWOL 2015 Southbound | AWOL 2016 Southbound | ATC Databook

Q. What about bounce box?
A. USPS Priority Mail by size/weight ( did not use fix rate option )

Q. What did you have in your bounce box?
A. Nail clippers | Guidebook pages before / after use | Pop tarts | Trader Joe’s Chocolate / nuts | gloves | pants legs | rain pants |

Q. What was your most memorable side trip?
A. New York City

Q. Did you hike alone or with others?
A. Alone

Q. What is NEXT for ^^ountain ^^an?

A. El Camino de Santiago – Saint Jacques de Compostelle

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