Ready for the ^^ountain ^^an Camino a’ Paris – Remembering my AT Adventure

^^ountain ^^an AT winter thru-hiker class of 2016. If I sound prideful I am heeheeeeeee I MADE IT AND it was wAAAAAAAAAAy more than I ever imagined. The beauty and wonder of God’s creation. Seeking Refuge in Him as He continuously prepared the way! Kindness and generosity beyond imagination. Texting with my brother Sam keeping me encouraged and on track and alerted to burgers and beer and bears and adventures along the way. Don’t even get me started about the FUN times hitching into town! Using my iPhone to “Send My Current Location” to my family from mountain tops as the miles ticked off and I got closer and closer to seeing them and having them hike with me the last mile of the AT at Springer Mountain, Georgia!  Meeting AT thru-hikers from all over the world. Loved meeting occasional day hikers and a special agent hiker from Connecticut (i think). Most for a brief moment or two along the trail. Sometimes for as long as an evening at a shelter or night or day at a hostel and even a time of sharing the trail or a meal together and chatting. Some SPECIAL PEOPLE ..  I will ALWAYS REMEMBER!

Sitting on my patio wondering when this Lady Banks Rose, that has created an amazing cocoon for me, is going to blOOm. My brother Sam tells me it blOOmed during springtime while I was on the AT. Yes, I am ready to begin the ^^ountain ^^an Way to Paris, France starting with the Portuguese Way from Lisbon, Portugal to Santiago, Spain. And my cousin Larry is going to join me in Lisbon to begin this adventure. I have done more preparation for this Camino walk than I did the entire year from conception to completion of my 2,189 mile Appalachian Trail winter thru-hike. I even made a reservation at a hostel in Lisbon more than two weeks before my arrival date. Don’t even think what excitement Larry and I would ( notice I did not say could ) create with a rental car in Lisbon, Portugal ha ha ha … We plan to take a bus or train from the airport to the hostel in downtown Lisbon. Wonder if Larry will bring his potato gun (see (4 July) Home Sweet Home) with him  OR ship it somewhere along the way. ?? Could come in handy for protection from squirrels and mountain lions along the Portuguese Way. There is no language barrier with potato guns!

Check back for shave & a haircut update!

Happy Trails!

^^ountain ^^an
 el Camino a’ Paris!

ps I am saving you a seat!

so much fun .. so little time! fa evva! heehee


.. Mary is off for FUN trip with bf family to Mexico !

and ^^ountain ^^an is off to el Camino … gonna miss ya!

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