Sep 21st Via Francigena A FATHER"S LOVE DAY 5

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A FATHER’S LOVE ❤️ Via Francigena | As I headed to LICQUES FRANCE 🇫🇷 Walking for ten hours now. OK 8 hours with photo stops 🤔 
Cold Windy Rain shower on the horizon phone battery low. Don’t know what I will find ahead.. No food since breakfast ( you should see the breakfast ) 😘
Seeing this sky reminds me: Father I know you always take care of me and provide for me. It’s cold and rainy and windy and I don’t know what is ahead. I would really like to have something special. WELL I can’t wait to share with you just how my Father provided. (((( This gentleman and his father welcomed me into their home. Sat at their dinning room table with me and shared something to drink with me. He called his sister and her family to join us. ( she speaks more English ) Sister called someone that has a B&B on the VF and drove me the 2km to stay for the night. AND He is glorified as we seek refuge in HIM! A Father’s Love ❤️ 
PILGRIM Day 5 of Canterbury England to Roma Italia || Your Thoughts and Prayers are Appreciated! || #Pilgrim #foodie #gormet #breadbeckers #canteburycathedral #viaFrancigena #Walking #wonderful_places #france #calais #francigena #pilgrim #BuenCamino #bonCamino #mountainMan #GreenvilleSC #bergamo ^^ountain ^^an 
#mountainsdontjudge #asolo #asoloboots #rei 
DM mail address for a postcard from via Francigena #ROME #Italia #pavia #Turino #Naples #Calaisfrance #Canterbury #StBernardPass #Bergamo 

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