100 Mile Wilderness Complete! YAY

Wednesday morning August 26th 2015

Finished 100 Mile Wilderness yesterday about 5PM. Hitched a ride into Monson ME with two vacationers from Texas. Spending the night here at Shaw’s and doing some catchup on record keeping and journal and email 156 unread :/)

Thunderstorm last night – spectacular – sleeping in the bunk room second floor with windows and door open.  WIND blowing THUNDER and LIGHTING!  The POWER of our CREATOR!

Just finished Shaw’s Hiker Breakfast  ..  time to catch up on the journal …

Katahdin summit.
Made it to Abol Bridge to begin 100 Mile Wilderness
Completed my first 100 miles of AT – 2085 miles to go!
Finished the 100 Mile Wilderness
iPhone battery has been out since Friday
Cannon camera batteries dead. Charger in a box ‘somewhere’ between SC and ME.
Psalm 16 today .. 16th day of AT Adventure.
Last four days have been hiking in the RAIN. Some of the best hiking days.  Cool and breezy. Hiking with shirt and shorts ..  my feet shoes socks ( all three pair ) have been wet continuously.  Think I will try putting some wet things in my sleeping bag to dry from body heat.
I slept in Lean-to three of the last four nights.  One night I got to the top of a mountain just at dark where Mouse and Sunshine  ( hikers I met at Shaw’s ) had pitched a tent.  I put out my foot print with my tent spread out. Unzipped the door and put my mattress and sleeping bag inside.  Got in and zipped up and fell asleep.  Woke up in the middle of the night and looked up at a BLACK sky with brilliant white stars and a half-moon.  God’s Creation revealed in a spectacular way!
Maybe twenty hikers here last night and this morning for breakfast. All NOBOs ( Northbound with 115 mies to finish at Katahdin within a few days )  I am the only SOBO ( Southbound hiker )  I will meet a large way of NOBOs that started from GA in April and have to finish before Baxter State Park closes the AT  to Katahdin about October 15th.
Some really interesting people with life stories and AT experiences galore!

I better Save this  rambling before it gets lost … been there done that!

Pooh Bear & Stache –  thanks for the pictures!
I will have to figure out where this was 

mountain top 

One reply to “100 Mile Wilderness Complete! YAY

  1. It is great to hear that you are doing well. I hope you get your I-phone charged and get new batteries for your camera. How again did you 'lose' your charger (it being 'somewher between SC and Maine)?


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