jo-Mary Rd food drop – hitch hike

I get to jo-Mary Rd in the 100 Mile Wilderness.  I have a food drop ( 5 gallon bucket with food I have provided to be dropped for me to pick up a few days into the 100 mile “wilderness )

So I get to jo-Mary rd near the end of a day and find my bucket in the woods and sit by the trailhead to sort out.

Out of the woods come a couple of day hikers.  We go through the usual how-u-doing? They are from Central SC and Clemson University.  I say ” my son graduated from Clemson” .. ” what year ” they ask ” she says ” this man handed your son his diploma ” Mr Smith is/was the Registrar at CU. Rides his bicycle to work plays tennis at the indoor facility ..
They have a car park near the trailhead and are going back to their Appalachian Mountain Club location.  hmmmm Things are looking good for a hitch to the highway and closer to Monson for resupply rest. My feet are burned up and I am tired and sore. My phone is dead and my camera battery dead.  So MM Smith make room for me in their car and offer to take me to the highway after getting out the road map and showing me the way to Monson.  We stop at jo-Mary Lake Campground. Mr Smith treats me to a ginger ale.  When  we get to the highway and I get out a pickup truck stops with 5 minutes. When he stops I throw my pack and 5 gallon bucket in the back. Didn’t think to ask if he was going to give me a ride. o well 🙂  Steve says he is going to Milo and we head down the rode.  Steve does a varity of jobs including tree care for property owners.  Along the way I inquire as to good places to eat.  His wife has leftovers for him and he accepts my offer to stop for a meal. Nor East’r homemade burger and sweet potato fries and a couple of COLD buds. 🙂 Another BEST cheeseburger ever! Get some local trivia see bear hunters at the Nor East r  la la la .. Ok Steve takes me out to the edge of whatever town we were in and drops me by the ‘band aid’ hospital at a service station. Within a few minutes a BMW Z? convertable stops. ” dont know if your ( 1975 Jasport D2 external frame pack will fit in my trunk ) it does and the 5 gallon bucket fits between my legs in the front seat. Turns out Bill’s BMW was make of course in Greenville/Spartaburg.  Bill lives in Monson and takes me to the Shaw’s driveway. Blessings Indeed!  The next day I am at the gas station getting a pizza and there’s Bill and his son.  Now I even know a couple locals. funny!  

ok that’s the jo-Mary hitch hike adventure!  Our Heavenly Father is Mercicul and Gracious beyond compare.  He is our Faithful Provider and Protector .. He delights when we seek refuge in Him!

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