Andover ME – mail overnight wash dry out post office resupply ..

Thursday night cowboy camped in light rain somewhere between Bemis Mtn and Elephant Mtn. Mile 240 ish. No room to pitch tent. Not too wet and still warm enough to be comfortable. Hiked over Old Blue Mtn to South Arm Road this AM. Wet and rocky and s t e e p down to road and river crossing. Got a hitch into Andover ME. Almost got a ride the wrong way to some campground. Lady stopped and asked if I was going to campground or town :/) Took my wet shoes and socks off and ate lunch on side of road waiting for someone going into town. Very few cars on this road. Picked up bounce box and got a shuttle to The Cabins hiker hostel to wash clothes, dry sleeping bag etc. sort and pack food sleep tonight and back to South Arm Road to continue South. Mile 246.8. Relatively easy ten mile day tomorrow then it gets tough again. Maine New Hampshire state line is 281.8. I’m going to miss Maine! Maine and New Hampshire are two toughest states “they say.”

Next Mail drop Gorham New Hampshire 03581

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