Day of Rest and Update as of Mile 345.4

Today I am resting and refreshing at Highland Center Lodge, Crawford Notch, New Hampshire. First shower in several days! 

Having a most blessed adventure. Meeting so many interesting people and seeing Maine and New Hampshire up close. Many stories to tell. I do have pics when I can get to a real computer.

The most beautiful hiking weather Imaginable. Truly blue sky today without a cloud. Unseasonably warm temperatures throughout my time on the AT. No rain since Monday September 14th. 

The leaves are beginning to turn. Pine needles falling on trail. 

Maine is beautiful and BIG and remote. Many many many streams and lakes and mountains and wildlife. The vegetation is lush. Lots of mOOse … Didn’t see one in Maine. Hope to see one in New Hampshire.

I am in New Hampshire .. Mile 345.4 hiking through the Presidential Range of the White Mountains
This week the list included
Mt. Carter
Mt. Madison
Mt. Adams
Mt. Washington
Mt. Franklin
Mt. Pierce
Mt. Jackson
Mt. Webster

Recent overnights at these AMC Huts … Lots of fun times ( Thru Hiker work for stay experiences )
Carter Notch Hut
Madison Spring Hut
Lakes of the Clouds Hut
Mizpah Spring Hut

I am one of the last Southbound Thru Hikers SOBOs as I started August 10th with a completion target date of January 28th 2016. Looking to make my way through the North before Winter and find a way to negotiate the Smoky Mountain cold and snow. Having a FUN time and enjoying each day one day at a time 😀

Our Heavenly Father is merciful and gracious beyond compare!

^^ountain ^^an

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